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Hi and welcome to my Devotional Blog. 

I have been writing devotions for the last 15 years and have had some published through the First Place For Health Devotional Books. Devotions are things inspired by God with a verse, thought and a prayer to grow our lives spiritually each day. I pray they will be a blessing to your life. 

I love to write and journal and decided that this was a great place to put my writings. 

I also love to inspire others through my writings for self improvement. My wisdom comes from God and he gives me things to write and share with others. 

May you enjoy these snippets of my life that God has shown me on my own personal journey. 

I will be updating the blog each week with new things so come back soon. 

Thanks for taking a interest in this blog. 

 I also have a food blog for my own recipes I have created along with my food photos of meals made which can be found at https://cookwithbarb.com