First Place For Health: My Place for discovery book #1

First Place For Health is a Christian weight loss program that includes Emotional, Mental,Physical and Spiritual sides of life to give a balanced lifestyle. The program runs virtual web groups as well as local and international groups. I have been privelidged to have been a Networking Leader, Leader of local and online groups, and member of online groups as well as virtual groups.

In 2019 new kits were published and each section now has its own book.
here is my review for the Book My Place for discovery.

This book deals with unconscious behaviours that have led to our health issues including weight strength flexibility disease and much more. This book goes into mental side of the program.

It explores subjects such as Acknowledging disobedience, discovering our flaws and our assets, rejection and broken relationships, lost dreams, understanding our personality, identifying selfishness, exposing anger, under covering negativity, recognising resentment there is also a personality test.

Things I have learnt from this book

  • spending time with God is the key that opens the door to intimacy.
  • Action is the proof of obedience
  • We have to have the balance with our family life ,our finances , our eating habits, exercise ,serving God and others and having a daily routine where we develop a relationship with God.
  • Food can become an idol ( I knew this one) and disobedience towards God (ouch! I had never seen this as being disobedient to God before now) when we are stuffing our bodies with food, that we don’t need or by having too many portion sizes or eating the wrong type of food,  we are choosing disobedience to God, the choice is ours.
  • The bible puts gluttony and alcohol abuse in the same category. it is never good to let these things get control of our lives and when they do we are then out of control and that is when our life start to spiral out of control.
  • we begin to see health issues start to take hold for example high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, high Blood pressure, sleep apnoea, depression,  kidney disease, arthritis, bone deterioration, knee issues,  hip issues and stroke.

1 Corinthians 6:19 do you not realise that your body is the temple of the holy spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honour God with your body.

  • our assets can include for example forgiving others, being generous, faceing my problems, honesty, respectful, realistic, organised, patient just to name a few.
  • our strengths can help us be more organised with food prep, not overspending on items we don’t need, deal with life better by seeking out someone to talk to, that can help us deal with stress of life eg a Christian psychologist or mentor.
  • God gives us His strength and he is always with us, never leaves us, he is our helper.
  • our flaws when it comes to overeating, can be eating when emotions arise eg angry instead of eating we need to be working on the anger directly, wasteful having too much of something, even the right thing is not healthy, eating when bored , we can use our skills talents to help others by ringing a friend for a catch up or go for a drive or a walk instead of eating.
  • God can help us in our weaknesses we just have to ask him.
  • Rejection and broken relationships explores our lives a little deeper than the mask we show to others but it’s important to work through it with Gods help. Tears are healing the painful past and hurt of what we’ve lost. But it frees us to move forward. leaving the past because we are not going that way again. We can move forward if we are willing to be vulnerable and honest and work through this chapter.
  • working through the lost dreams chapter is also a soul searching part of wholeness to health.
  • identifying selfishness gets to some root issues we may not have seen as being selfish.  Selfishness builds walls by withdrawing and shutting others out or refusing to talk. You need honesty and courage to face these issues the Holy Spirit stirs up in us. God can help us move on from selfishness into caring and helping serve others.
  • exposing anger was a chapter I wanted to avoid as I didn’t need more conflict in my life but it was a area I also knew I had to confront. When we admit to having anger and dealing with it in a safe environment such as the group, we can then be healed. It can stop the cycle of overeating when angry because food is no longer in charge of our emotions because we have dealt with the emotion without using food as a crutch.
  • uncovering negativity , we can begin to see that negative people own their own negativity, it’s not about you. Choosing to be positive can cure our negativity and our response to the negativity. Kindness is a negative killer.
  • recognising resentments is a chapter I need to go back over as I didn’t have time to do it in the session.

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