First Place For Health Bible Study #2 – Stronger Everyday

This is the 2nd study since the new kits were released in 2019. I will also do a review for study #1

I loved this study getting to know different characters of the bible in a more indepth way than just hearing a snippet at church. We looked at the lives of Noah, Joseph, Moses, Debra, Gideon, Ruth, Hannah, Jonathan, Esther, Mary. Also the strength to endure adversity.

This study showed God’s strength from obedience, in leadership, to claim victory, get confidence, being resilient, in the waiting times, friendships are developed, God’s provision and serving God

We were also given a weekly one thing challenge in each of the areas mental emotional spiritual and physical to work on during the week.

When we say yes to God we have the opportunity to become righteous and blameless just like Noah, when we make a commitment to God we are saying yes to God But we need to follow through in obedience with that decision. God would do anything for us and helps us and protects us he wants a relationship with us he has pursued us just like he did with Noah. God has not forgotten us and he wants to spend time with us daily.

We will work through our core values. We learnt about forgiveness in the chapter to do with joseph.

We learnt through Moses it took courage and fortitude to stand up for what is right. As Moses grew as a leader he stop making excuses. We need to come to God and acknowledge that we have sin in our life that has kept us from relationship with him, we need to confess our separation from God and invite him into our hearts if we are not a believer already.

Debra was a leader in a male dominated area. God showed her how to take risks and be strong to get the victory in the end God save the Israelites through Debra and he brought the good back into their lives because she listened and obeyed him.

Gideon found out that God called people into action and gave them the strength that they needed when the odds were stacked against them to the point of defining human logic. This chapter also talked about facing our fears and doing our best for God, living our faith every day that brings honour to God and stepping forward because God‘s timing as he equips us to do all that he asked us to do. God also shows us his righteousness in the way to live with integrity.

Ruth was the next person we learnt about God gave her the strength to make the changes that she needed to go to a place where she did not know and to trust in God‘s timing and wisdom that he knew exactly what she needed by marrying Boaz. She learnt how to take care of herself. She learnt that God was in control of every situation.

Learnt about Hannah and how she waited for a baby that God had promised her and then she rededicated that baby back to God once it was given to her. She continued to serve God faithfully despite that the obstacles in her way. Her prayer was an offering that she gave up to God her child that she had wanted, she didn’t physically have him but she could trust God that he will take care of her son.

Next we learnt of David and Jonathan’s relationship, they were soulmates and nothing would depart them from God and from each other. They protected each other, they looked out for each other, they were loyal to each other, they remain friends and defended each other in the tough times.

Esther taught us that God always equips us with his strength that we need in every situation when we choose to turn to him. God knows who we are and we need to wait for God’s timing on things we need to listen to God and be obedient when he tells us to act we need to act and not race ahead of God in our own time frame.

Mary was loyal, the mother of Jesus, she was a servant, even though she was young she gave up her life for Jesus and she was with him at the very end when he was at the cross. she was highly favoured and blessed. Nothing was simple for her and joseph but they followed through with what God had told them would happened and Jesus was born as a result of their obedience and faithfulness. she had a servants heart and she understood what her roll was in Jesus life. We also learnt through this chapter what it is to love unconditionally.

The life of Paul showed us how to persevere in adversity and God would give him the strength to face everything that was thrown at him including being in jail for his faith. He was persecuted for preaching the gospel. But he always told the truth of the gospel, of the word of God and didn’t water it down. His conversion later on showed people that he was human just like we are and that even the worst person can turn their life around and become a Christian and God can do something might in their life.

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