Dealing with death

One thing with life is certain, there is a time to be born and a time when we die.

With death there is sometimes but not always, a time of preparation beforehand for those who are left behind. The chance to tell the person how much they mean to us through words or simply just showing up, to sit with them, sometimes there are no words. It’s love in action.

How do we deal with death of a loved one?

In the last year we, my husband and I, as a couple have seen people we dearly love die suddenly, unexpectedly and others had chronic illness or cancer or from old-age or from accidents. It is the ones who we were not expecting to die, that has probably had more of an impact on my  life,  because It was sudden and unexpected. All death is hard though.

Allow yourself time to grieve, cry, mourn,   give yourself a year to deal with this and if after that you are still struggling you may need some help through a psychologist to work through it. There is no time limit on grief but we can get help if we are not dealing with it.  There are different stages of grief.  Denial, shock, anger, betrayal they left you, accept it has happened, just to name a few.

For me personally I have had opportunity to ask the person dying if they know Jesus as Lord and saviour of their life. I don’t want them to say no one ever told me about Jesus. Yes they may reject him, but that’s their choice and they will face the consequences of Gods judgement when they die. But never be afraid to share Christ’s love and sacrifice for them. Some do accept him as Lord and saviour on their death bed but sadly many don’t.

it maybe a season of death of a living person as in a relationship that has ended, death of a life you once had that is no more, death of a career or something you thought would happen but didn’t. Again I say give yourself permission to work through the grief.

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