Dealing with chronic illness

Just some thoughts on living with chronic illness

People who are not sick don’t know the isolation, loneliness of chronic disease and yes sometimes depression. we may think everyone has abandoned us or turned away from us because we are sick. What I have learnt is that those who are supposed to be in our life are there and those who aren’t won’t be.

Over the last year I have worked hard with finding out more about myself.

Here are just some things that I have been learning

  • God doesn’t give disease and ill health
  • being sick doesn’t define who I am my soul does
  • People come and go because they either don’t want to acknowledge that they may need help dealing with life themselves. They may not know how they are able to help you . They are simply busy with life themselves. It may not be a reaction to anything that you say/do/feel.  Maybe they can’t cope with illness
  • God is with you. He loves you. He is your strength. He hasn’t left you nor forsaken you.
  • sometimes life just sucks
  • The only person we can control is ourselves. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
  • Our own perception of life isn’t what others perceive life to be.  They cannot read our thoughts and likewise we are not mind readers,  we do not know what others are thinking, so ask questions to get clarity. Don’t assume you know things.
  • illness is not something we did/didn’t do and it’s our punishment. That’s faulty thinking. Illness comes because the body isn’t working the way it should.

Illness has a season of grief and it’s okay to grieve what we have lost e.g. friends, not being able to live life how we once did.

There is always things that we can do even in our illness

1/pray for others – become a prayer warrior, don’t forget to pray for yourself too.

2/encourage  or bless others even if it’s just writing “ I’m thinking of you“ or a “thank you note“ to someone.

3/listen to praise and worship music

Life is always unpredictable there will always be at the ups and downs but it’s how we process things that matter. With every challenge comes a new ending a new thing for us to learn more about ourselves. It’s a seasonal change not a lifestyle change. Seasons always come to an end but a new one always begins.

Look back at how far you have come. You didn’t quit. You are still hanging in there. You still have some fight left with in new or you wouldn’t care what others think.

Look for things to be thankful for during this season.

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